Strengthening your Spiritual Core: The Power of Imagination

Strengthening Your Spiritual Core: Claim Your Spiritual Powers

June — The Power of Imagination

This Week's Featured Musician: Kath Robinson & Unity Voices

Together, we are discovering the depth of our Divine Nature as expressed through our 12 spiritual abilities, or powers. June’s theme of Imagination is expressed through our ability to conceptualize, visualize, and embody. The power source in the body is associated with the third eye area between the eyes.

“Nothing has ever materialized that has not first been imagined. Our visioning capacity is the first and most important aspect of creation" (DA, pg. 83).

Our reference book for this series is Divine Audacity: Dare To Be The Light of The World, by Rev. Linda Martella–Whitsett.
You may purchase a copy from our bookstore if you want to follow along and go deeper.