Small Group Ministries

Care Team


Our goal is to maintain a team of caring individuals willing to give short term service to members of our community in a variety of ways. Care team members are available to help with transportation, meals, cards or calls of support and other special requests. You can serve in whatever capacity fits your schedule!
If you would like to find out more about serving on this team, contact Trish Morris.  
If you find yourself in need of a little extra support, please reach out and let us know, here.
We will do our best to line you up with a care team member in your area of town.


Men's Group

2nd Saturday of the month
9 - 11 am

The Unity Men's Group is an informal gathering of men to discuss our personal stories and share opinions on different topics. It is a confidential space where many different points of view are entertained and enjoyed. Meeting once a month allows some continuity between individuals and allows for exploration of a different topic each month. We use a format that allows each person to state what has happened to him recently. Each person takes a few moments to bring up whatever aspect of his life that he wants to mention. Next each individual has a turn to discuss what the topic of the month may mean to him. All of this is done with respect for the divine in all of us. We meet on the 2nd Saturday of the month from 9 am until 11 am at the church.

Our gathering will have a different atmosphere as we will be observing our Spiritual Center's practices of public health measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Plan on wearing a mask - and we will be properly social distanced in our fellowship room meeting place. 

Enter through the south door as usual.
A topic of interest to many of us might be how each of us has experienced the pandemic and the changes it has brought to our lives - although - as always - feel free to discuss anything you wish

For more information, contact Bill Turner


Prayer Ministry

Unity Prayer Partners are trained to support our community members through personal prayer. 
Since the beginning of the Unity movement, affirmative prayer has been the keystone of the organization’s growth.We know that as we deepen our personal prayer lives, we see changes in ourselves and in the consciousness of our entire Spiritual Community.
"All down the ages {humans have} been making the spiritual effort to realize conscious union with that innermost center where Truth in all its glory abides eternally. This realization can be accomplished only through true prayer."  
--Charles and Cora Fillmore -Teach Us to Pray
For more information, contact David Howard.


Welcoming Ministry Team

Our welcoming system is more than a program, it is a consciousness that is held within our spiritual community.
A welcoming culture is the foundation for a thriving ministry.  Whether you have been here for 20 years or 2 weeks, it is important that you feel welcome here.
Consider how you might want to connect with others on Sunday mornings, as a greeter, usher or welcome station host. 
 For more information, contact Trish Morris.