Family Enrichment Resources

While we are not physically together, we are always connected. Click on the links below to find resources to excite, inspire and support your families spiritual journey.  Also, if you would like to get our weekly newsletter from the Children's Garden, click the button below to signup.


Sunday Lessons

The following lessons will help children add spiritual concepts and mindfulness techniques to their spiritual toolbox.

Power and Papers

The Color of Words

The Power of Thoughts

Happy National Garden Meditation Day

Sacred Breaths and Drawing Meditation

Wisdom Reflections

Laughter Yoga

Parent Lead Lessons

Explore Unity teachings through stories, activities and discussion.

My Thoughts & Words Have Power

My Power To Choose

Keeping The Faith

I Have My Own Mind

Mindfulness Activities

Help your child focus on the present moment by connecting their head and heart with fun and practical tools.

Susan Kaiser Greenland- Blog, podcasts, and information about raising mindful kids.

HeartMath Institute - HeartSmarts Adventure

University of Washington - Truth Tense Script

Truth Tense Video: GoZen!

Inspire My Kids

Tips For Parenting Through Change

The Dougy Center

Books and Songs

Learn a new handwashing song and snuggle up for readings of our favorite kids’ books.

Every Little Cell

I Think, I Am

Old Turtle

Listening With My Heart

Unstoppable Me

The Day the Crayons Quit

Listening With My Heart

Chocolate Me

The Prayer That Searched For God

What Do You Do With An Idea?

The Great Kapok Tree

Firenze's Light


Have You Filled A Bucket Today?


The Rainbow Fish

The Invisible String

The Other Way To Listen

Incredible You

Conscious Story Time: The Boy Who Searched For Silence

I Believe In Me