Childcare Policy

We at Unity Spiritual Center Denver are committed to supporting our families with children. Our intention is to provide a place where parents can participate in the learning and growth opportunities we offer while trusting that their children are cared for and supported by qualified providers in a safe and loving environment. Therefore, it is our intention to make childcare available for all classes, workshops and events sponsored by USCD. We have established the following guidelines in order to make this reasonably available and cost effective for everyone.
Registration and payment is required a minimum of one week in advance of the workshop, event, or start of class. USCD will arrange for and pay for childcare according to the need; therefore advance notice and payment is required to ensure sufficient staff. While we will make an effort to accommodate exceptions when possible, we cannot guarantee that childcare will be available when given less than one week’s notice.
Please provide the name and age of each child to be cared for.
The requested contribution is $5 per child for classes, workshops or events 3 hours or less and $10 per child for those exceeding 3 hours. If a class meets for several weeks, the request is $5 per child for each session. If this amount is not feasible, please discuss your particular situation with the class facilitator or contact the office.
Sacred safety is our priority. USCD will contract only with individuals we have vetted and for whom we have conducted background checks and/or with individuals who have been vetted by an insured and bonded third-party provider. 
Childcare will be provided by two prequalified individuals at all times.