Council Members

Nancy Smith, President

Nancy Smith has been a member of the Denver Unity Spiritual Center for over thirty years and loves the message of inclusiveness 
and acceptance of many spiritual paths.  She is happy to be a part of a loving community and especially appreciates the opportunities to continually grow in spiritual understanding.  She is looking forward to being a part of growing the Center as we demonstrate love in action in all that we do.  Nancy enjoys hiking in the Colorado mountains, visiting family, and traveling around the world.

Christina Botzum, Vice President

Christina and her husband Donn discovered USCD in 2016 and became regular attendees without hesitation. She and Donn decided to become members of Unity after year of attending regularly, and have been financial supporters through regular monthly giving, and supporting special fundraising drives.
New to Unity and New Thought principles, Christina began taking classes on the fundamentals of Unity, and enjoyed small group book studies, becoming a host and facilitator within a couple of years. Having been a site coordinator with the Family Promise program at another church prior to coming to USCD, Christina was invited to help lead the program here, and she has served as a coordinator for the last 4 years. She has also been a Sunday school teacher in the pre-school classroom over the past several years, a joyous opportunity!
She has been involved in the annual Chili-fest and Melodrama, that has raised funds for the Youth of Unity, as a writer, producer and actor over the past several years, and has been a member of the Feminine Identity Retreat Committee since 2019, helping to organize fundraising events, plan last summer’s mini-retreat, and the upcoming retreat scheduled for September of 2021. Christina’s devotion to Unity is based on her deep love for people and her commitment to serving God. When she recites the words “Our god is Love, Our Race is Human, Our Faith is Oneness” she is expressing the deepest held convictions of her heart. Her willingness to serve on the Council is an outward manifestation of that conviction. 


Jim Luallen- Treasurer

Jim served his career as an ordained United Methodist Minister and he and his wife, Karen, have raised two sons. Since leaving the UMC ministry, Jim has been engaged in education as a teacher of History, Social Studies, English, and Business Math. 
Jim & his wife have been participating at USCD since the summer of 2014, including  serving as overnight hosts for Family Promise several times.  Together, they joined in September 2018, and at that time, Jim described the experience as “coming home for the first time.”
Jim brings skills that include church and business finance, community relations, professional speaking and presenting, organizational leadership, teacher certification and educator experience. Currently, he is a sponsor for the Uniteens and co-leads the Prosperity Team.  Jim was a member of the Leadership Team for the two-year process of renewing the Missional Statement and Purpose Statement. Jim has also assists with many other Sunday morning duties.  
He shares that “times of upheaval and transformation contain great possibilities” and he envisions this century as ripe for UNITY and all of New Thought to blossom and flourish among great masses of people around the world. He believes Unity is needed and Unity can be a guiding grace to all people.

Travis Garvin, Voting Member

Following my retirement in March of 2018, Travis has been able to devote more time to USCD, assisting with Family Promise as a driver, dinner Host and laundry Guru. He joined The Men’s Group, began working the Welcome Station, started taking more classes and recently served on the Focus Forward Visitor & Member Retention Group. Travis is passionate about the mission of this group, looking forward to the next phase so that I can continue helping to spread the Unity Message, grow our membership and secure the future of USCD. 




Monica McNulty, Voting Member

Monica been attending USCD for about 4 ½ years and became a member in September 2018. Over the last several years she has served USCD in numerous ways, including facilitating home book study groups in 2018 and
2019, leading the Focus Forward team on Leadership Development in 2019, facilitating a monthly women’s group at USCD throughout 2019, and leading a team that planned the women’s outdoor mini-retreat in September,
2020. Currently Monica is leading the team that is planning the Feminine Energy retreat for this coming Labor Day weekend.
Monica has had a 34+ year career with the University of Colorado Medical School (now Anschutz Medical Campus) as a statistician, data analyst and database developer.  In addition, she is a professional life coach. Her passion is empowering people to step into who they really desire to be, personally, interpersonally, and professionally, so
that they can thrive in all areas of life.

Jessica Nguyen, Voting Member

Jessica Nguyen started attending USCD when her oldest son was two years old, and she realized that she needed help in teaching him spiritual concepts. 
On the first day, she was impressed by the magical quality of the Children’s Garden and how easily the teenagers could talk about their beliefs. She envisions a thriving, vibrant, meaningful and fun Youth program where kids can experience joy, feel safe, connect deeply, help each other navigate life’s struggles and appreciate their own gifts and inner wisdom. 
Her son is now 12 years old and an active member in our tiny but mighty Uniteen group! 
Initially, Jessica got involved by volunteering as a preschool teacher. Later, she brought the idea of hosting families experiencing homelessness to USCD. Jessica helped launch the Family Promise program and acted as a lead coordinator for four years. In addition, she was a member of the Focus Forward team. 
She is interested in finding new ways for USCD to: contribute positive energy and resources to the Denver community, bring Unity beliefs and principles to a more diverse population, and realize her vision for the Youth program.