Council Members


Doug Harris, President

Doug and his family started attending Unity Church of Denver about 10 years ago and found a Spiritual home - particularly since the arrival of David Howard. Doug is looking forward to serving on the Council to: (1) Help our Spiritual Center grow and prosper, (2) Help our Spiritual Center move to the next higher level of service to our Unity Community and to those that we can benefit, and (3)  Help develop a more sustainable and secure financial foundation for growth.


Rod Gallop, Vice President

Rod began reading and developing an interest in "A Course In Miracles" in 2015 and, in search of a study group, was attracted to USCD by the electronic signage facing University.  He has since been a regular attendee and became a member in February 2018.
Rod volunteers with "Family Promise" and has applied his skills and experience making repairs and improvements to the facility and grounds.  He continues to work closely with members of the council in making major improvements.
Rod brings with him the desire and willingness to help USCD continue to, most effectively, extend the message of love and unity.

Nancy Smith, Treasurer

Nancy Smith has been a member of the Denver Unity Spiritual Center for over thirty years and loves the message of inclusiveness 
and acceptance of many spiritual paths.  She is happy to be a part of a loving community and especially appreciates the opportunities to continually grow in spiritual understanding.  She is looking forward to being a part of growing the Center as we demonstrate love in action in all that we do.  Nancy enjoys hiking in the Colorado mountains, visiting family, and traveling around the world.


Donna Arnett

Donna is relatively new to Unity.  She started attending

Unity of Denver in June of 2014, on David's first day as our spiritual leader. She has spent her life working as a physician, an anesthesiologist, and has recently had the opportunity to cut back to work part time. She was thinking that it was time to give back when she was asked to consider to serve on the board of  Unity. "Don't you just love serendipity?"




Simone Carruthers

Simone Carruthers came to Unity SpiritualCenter Denver in 2014.
Currently, Simone is a 2nd -3rd grade teacher in the Children's garden and serves on the Family Promise dinner team.
Simone currently works part time as a hospital chaplain at Lutheran Medical Center.
Professionally, Simone is a licensed psychologist who worked for nearly 30 years as a clinical psychologist and as a consultant in organizations across the United States. She brings an understanding of the importance of communication and leadership to a healthy community.
Simone's vision for USCD includes: the continued growth of this spiritual community increasing to a size that can easily support our mission,  a financially solvent community able to afford to maintain all of our children's' programs, and a welcoming community with exciting classes that attract new members and congregants.

Thea Washington

Thea Washington has worked in the faith-based and nonprofit communities in the Denver metro area since 1978. 
Thea has worked with churches to increase attendance, institute faith-based social action and form coalitions. In fundraising she wrote grant proposals and trained others to write them, made funding decisions, coordinated direct-mail campaigns and managed large special events. She now serves on the Unity Spiritual Center of Denver Focus Forward Team.
Believing that Unity Spiritual Center of Denver is “beautiful, powerful and bountiful,” lyrics from one of her favorite spiritual singer/songwriters, Thea knows that if we keep those characteristics in our consciousness, USCD will accomplish all of its vision and community mission.

Kate McCormick

Kate and her son, Christian have been a part of this community since 2017 and she became a member in 2018. Kate volunteers in the bookstore and has contributed to and participated in many other events. She hopes to bring new, fresh attention to Unity & offers a fresh perspective. Kate has experience organizing community events, and she is successful in getting others involved.
Kate has spent her life working in the health field and is currently studying to become an Aromatherapist.




Soozie Galante

Soozi first found Unity in Santa Fe, NM 4+ years ago when she was pregnant and recommitting to her life-long spiritual practice of prayer and meditation. Unity has reminded her of a foundation set by her father, sparking the excitement and magic she felt as a child.
Soozi came to USCD upon moving to Denver, feeling welcomed in the Children's Garden and larger community right away.   Over the last year and a half USCD has become a second home for her and her (soon-to-be) two daughters.   She is a stay-at-home mom, currently serving in the 3rd-5th grade classroom.