Spiritual Leader

Meet our Spiritual Leader, Rev. David Howard.

Rev. David Howard’s mission is to support humanity's awakening to and expression of the transforming power of Love. Prior to moving to Denver to become the Spiritual Leader at Unity Spiritual Center Denver, David was Spiritual Leader at Unity of Arlington in Arlington, Texas for six years. Before joining Unity of Arlington, David was a minister at the Center for Life Enrichment, an independent New Thought ministry in Dallas, TX for five years. David is a native of Augusta, Georgia, home of The Masters (for you golf fans).

He is an impassioned speaker who brings his authenticity and humility to every talk. David is an avid student of metaphysics and New Thought philosophy. He enjoys leading classes and workshops on a variety of topics. David also loves the energy of the group meditations he facilitates. He is the author of In This Moment - Prayers from the Well of Awareness, a collection of affirmative prayers that he wrote during the period 2001 – 2006 while ministering in Dallas.

He offers frequent posts to his blog which can be found at RevDavidHoward.blogspot.com.  David is also an accomplished vocalist who has released Spark, an album of songs composed and originally recorded by well-known artists including Jackson Browne, Sara Hickman, Jeff Black and others, and also includes an original composition, 'Cicadas.'

David’s vision for Unity Spiritual Center Denver is a community of individuals who are committed to the recognition, realization and revelation of the expression of God that each of us is, and who are dedicated to creating an environment in which others can do the same.

Contact David by email: David@unitydenver.org