Spiritual Leader

Meet our Spiritual Leader, Trish Morris, LUT

Trish Morris’ mission is to inspire spiritual and personal growth through the teaching and application of the Unity Principles to all who are interested.

Trish is a Colorado native and graduate of Metropolitan State University as well as a licensed Unity Teacher. She began attending Unity of Denver in 1997 upon the suggestion of a friend. While she had not grown up in any particular religious denomination, she had a yearning to deepen her own understanding of God and deepen her sense of spirituality. Once she was introduced to Unity of Denver, she knew that she had found what she had been looking for.

From there, Trish began to volunteer in the bookstore and then officially joined the staff in 2003. After serving for over ten years as the ministry administrator, she completed the Licensed Unity Teacher certification program in 2014 and began serving as the Associate Minister under Rev. David Howard. Upon David’s departure in 2022, she lovingly accepted the invitation to step-up into the role of Spiritual Leader.

Trish is an energetic speaker who brings her authenticity and humor to her message. She is passionate about sharing the empowering and positive message of Unity as an antidote to the sense of separation and division accentuated in our modern world.

The Unity message holds the sacred worth of all people, and of all creation, regardless of religious affiliation or physical borders. The guiding principle is that each person is a living expression of the one Source of all life, God, by whatever name they may call it. From this prospective, all of creation is inherently connected because we come from the same source.

Unity also believes that the nature of that God (Source) is good, and as such, the true nature of each individual expression is also good.

Do we make mistakes? Indeed. Do we misuse our creative power in ways that result in painful outcomes for ourselves and others? Unfortunately, yes.

Even so, there is that within us that remains of God, of inherent goodness. Unity’s message empowers people by believing in that goodness above else. Unity teaches us all how to tune into and trust that powerful Presence within us in order to create a life of greater meaning and purpose.

Trish’s vision for Unity Spiritual Center Denver is a community of individuals who are committed to the recognition, realization and revelation of the expression of God that each of us is, and who are dedicated to creating an environment in which others are welcomed and encouraged to do the same.