Getting Married?

We would be delighted to host your special day. We honor all faiths and religious traditions, and our ordained ministers can officiate for most weddings. If our ministers are not available on the day you need, we can provide another one or refer you to an associate. If you have someone you would like to perform the ceremony, that person may officiate with the approval of our church council.

Arrangements can be made for you to meet and talk with the minister about the details of your ceremony prior to your wedding. The ceremony can be tailored for you. Bring your ideas and we will work out a perfect ceremony. Pre-marital counseling is not required. You may select your own music or take advantage of our music director's expertise. We can also provide professional soloists. Our large air-conditioned sanctuary has 330 theater seats (a photo is on the home page). We have a beautiful dressing room with plenty of mirrors and electrical outlets for the bride and her party. We also have facilities for the groom and his party.

Services & Fees

There is a two-hour minimum for any planned wedding. The cost is $150 for the first hour and $75 for each additional half hour. Our ministers are available for $200 at the church or $300 elsewhere within 25 miles.

Walk-in weddings are $300.

Four-Hour Package

This package is ideal if you have over 100 guests, plan a receiving line at the church, or have a large group for photo sessions. The cost is $700 and includes a rehearsal 45 minutes before the ceremony, use of the church for the wedding, use of bride and groom rooms, candelabra in front of the sanctuary, candles, one of our ministers as the officiate, and the services of our wedding coordinator. Also included is a $150 refundable cleaning/damage deposit. Additional time is billed at $75 for each additional half-hour. You may have your rehearsal on a day other than the wedding day for an additional $100.


Banquet Reception: $300 for a four-hour reception in the fellowship room. **This is room rental only, does not include food or beverages. You are free to provide your own food or use a catering service. Please contact us for details.

Please Note: Our fellowship room currently only seats 65 people.

Light Reception: $150 for a two-hour reception, appropriate for a light menu of appetizers, cake and punch. **This is room rental only, does not include food or beverages. You are free to provide your own food or use a catering service.

Other Considerations

Time: A total of four hours is usually sufficient for your wedding. This includes two hours for the wedding plus two hours that can be used for the rehearsal, pre-wedding preparatory time, and post-wedding photographs. We have found this to be adequate for even the largest of weddings. It is important to adhere to the time schedule. Arrangements for additional time must be made prior to the ceremony.

Music: We have a Steinway grand piano in the sanctuary. You may have other instrumental or recorded music. We have professional soloists available if desired. If you plan to have a friend sing, please inform us as you make your plans.

Photographs: Pictures may be taken before, during, or after the ceremony. You should give specific instructions to your photographer if you do not want him or her to be too conspicuous during the ceremony. You must consult with and receive permission from the Wedding Coordinator before moving or rearranging anything in the church. A charge will be made against your damage deposit for moving anything without permission.

Florist: The church is open Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. You must make arrangements with us if floral deliveries cannot be made during these times. All decorations and floral arrangements in the church must be designed by or approved by the Wedding Coordinator.

Deposits: A deposit of $250 is required at the time you reserve the church. If you make the reservation by phone, the deposit and signed contract must be at the church within ten days. If we do not receive your deposit we will assume that you have made other plans and the time will be made available to others. The balance due must be paid in full three weeks before the date of your wedding. For weddings arranged on short notice (30 days or less) complete costs must be paid with the reservation. This deposit includes the $150 refundable deposit for extra cleaning, damages, or extra time required of the wedding coordinator. A deposit of $75 is required for weddings performed away from the church. The balance must be paid two weeks prior to your wedding.

Refunds: If your wedding is canceled and you have given us at least 30 days' notice, all of the reservation deposit will be refunded along with the entire cleaning / damage deposit. One half will be given if less than 30 days' notice is given. A refund of the total cleaning / damage deposit will be mailed to you within three weeks after your wedding unless there are damages, extra cleaning expenses and charges for additional time. If there are charges against this deposit you will receive an accounting of expenses incurred and any balance due you. If there are additional expenses beyond the amount of the deposit, you will be billed at established rates within two weeks of your wedding.

Wedding Coordination: Our Wedding Coordinator has helped many couples have a beautiful wedding and will be happy to assist you in making your arrangements. She will assist you in every way to make your wedding wonderful and truly memorable.

No alcoholic beverages or intoxicating substances of any kind are allowed on the church premises.

No rice, confetti, birdseed, tissue flowers, streamers or any other celebratory items can be thrown or scattered inside or outside the church building. The single exception is silk flower petals scattered during the ceremony. Your cooperation is necessary, and we ask you to advise your families, wedding party and guests of this rule. You will be billed for any cleaning expenses incurred if such items are used.


For more information, to make appointments, or to reserve our facilities, please call the church office at 303-758-5664 or send an email to