High School Grades 9- 12th.

Y.O.U. creates an atmosphere for teens to experience themselves and learn more about how to apply Unity principles to their lives. This is achieved through many different group activities that include group meditation, prayer, joy songs, and service.

Y.O.U. ~ Alive, Alert, Awake and Enthusiastic!
Family (parents & teens) Meeting

August 20th
11:15 - 12:15 YOU room
*         Come meet sponsors
*         Come meet other parents
*         Get a bird's eye view of Y.O.U. and upcoming dates/events
Teen Welcome Back Par-tay August 20th 12:15 - 3:00
*         Get to know your sponsors and other teens
*         Awesome games and food
*         Uhm ... it's with amazing people and you want to be there ... jus sayin'!

Sunday Mornings

10 a.m-11 a.m.

Active learning and peer to peer teaching are the two pillars of Y.O.U. lessons. Though lessons can be on various topics such as Unity's 5 basic principles, The 12 powers, religions of the world, or spiritual books, lessons always reflect concepts, ideas and challenges that are relevant to teens.

Social Events  

  • Camping Trips
  • Dances of Universal Peace
  • Lock ins (overnight events)

Throughout the year Y.O.U. is involved in many service events and projects.

These include:

  • Food For All (Thanksgiving)
  • Fellowship brunch on Sundays
  • Blessing Bags for the Homeless



Rallies are teen retreats that include fellowship and teachings that embody Unity truth principles. Teens and sponsors come together from different Unity churches across the region for a weekend of community. Spiritual enfolding is done through workshops, family groups, group prayer and meditations. Rallies created and facilitated by peer elected Y.O.U. leaders. Rallies encourage spiritual growth, self-exploration and fun!

What is a Youth Rally?

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