Council Members

Cherryl Rhoades, President

"You must be the change you wish to see in this World." - Gandhi 
Cherryl Rhoades has called Unity Spiritual Center Denver her home for over twenty years and she has the honor and privilege of serving in many areas of the Community. Unity's teachings resonate with her and are a part of her and her children's daily lives. "It is wonderful to be a part of a Community where everyone is loved and accepted right where they are." 
She loves the Truth that we are all One and lives from that every day. In addition to her service at Unity Spiritual Denver, she enjoys spending time with family and friends and enjoys the Colorado outdoors.

Sean Hollis, Vice President

Sean and his family have attended Unity Spiritual Center Denver for 6 years and love that EVERYONE is welcome.  With 2 daughters who participate in the Children’s Garden programs, it is so nice to know that our children are learning that we are all divine and that in addition to Jesus’ teachings we can honor everyone’s path to spiritual awakening, whatever that may look like.  It really is all about love and God the good.  Sean & his wife Molly have been in the real estate business for 15 years and own a boutique real estate brokerage in South Denver.



Doug Harris, Treasurer 

Doug and his family started attending Unity Church of Denver about 10 years ago and found a Spiritual home - particularly since the arrival of David Howard. Doug is looking forward to serving on the Council to: (1) Help our Spiritual Center grow and prosper, (2) Help our Spiritual Center move to the next higher level of service to our Unity Community and to those that we can benefit, and (3)  Help develop a more sustainable and secure financial foundation for growth.

David Holien

David and his family started attending Unity Spiritual Center Denver about 15 years ago. "We were attracted to USCD through the wonderful Youth and Family Ministry program  for which my wife Vicky and I are currently teachers." David is an electrical engineer at a medical company where he helps develop products that mitigate back pain. He is also a student of New Thought teaching, especially the teaching of Oneness. "I really appreciate that all are welcome here and I look forward to serving on the council."



Bill Turner

This is my fourth year of serving on the council of the Unity Spiritual Center Denver.  I love the warm, welcoming, inclusive atmosphere of our Center.  Our services are inspiring, led by our passionate, authentic spiritual leader, David Howard, and complemented by an outstanding music program.  I feel closest to God/Spirit when I am out in nature which affirms Unity's principle of oneness for me. I like many aspects of nature, but I particularly enjoy looking for birds.   I formerly headed the Denver Zoo's education department and I now have my own small nature tour company, specializing in tours to the South Pacific and Latin America.


Donna Arnett

Donna is relatively new to Unity.  She started attending Unity of Denver in June of 2014, on David's first day as our spiritual leader. She has spent her life working as a physician, an anesthesiologist, and has recently had the opportunity to cut back to work part time. She was thinking that it was time to give back when she was asked to consider to serve on the board of  Unity. "Don't you just love serendipity?"