Ongoing Classes & Groups

Crystal Bowls and Singing Plants
Special Winter Solstice Event

Wednesday, December 20, 7-9:00 PM

Experience Divine Connection, Peace and Oneness with ‘Pixie’ the Singing Prayer Plant, Holy Basil, Christmas Cactus, Mistletoe & other Christmas plants playing music!
This extraordinary elevating holiday event of Christmas plants playing music in concert is unlike anything you have experienced! Join Teresa Helgeson and Pixie the prayer plant, as they orchestrate some holiday plants like Holy Basil (Tulsi), Mistletoe, Poinsettia's, Christmas Cactus and others who have been taught to reveal their songs. 
A new form of sound therapy that uses plants playing music to create a sound healing experience that detoxes the body, boosts the immune system and deepens your spiritual connection
Deep Relaxation
Stress & Pain Relief
Reduces Anxiety
Detox the body
Strengthen the Immune System
Promotes Sound Sleep
Deepens Spiritual Connection
A nationally known Sound Healer and Reiki Master Teacher, Teresa Helgeson uses Singing Plants, Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks, Tibetan Bowls, Drums and Harps to bring the body, mind & spirit into a healthy, balanced state. Illness is caused by dissonance in the body. Singing Bowls have the power to balance the resonance of our organs, chakras and nervous system to bring us into an improved state of harmony and wellbeing.
Cost: $25

Compassionate Communication - Practice Group

Now Meeting on Tuesday Evenings


Join J Kendel Johnson and David Howard for a Compassionate Communication Practice Group.
Anyone who has completed at least the Introductory Compassionate Communication skills class at Unity Spiritual Center Denver or has completed a foundations class elsewhere is welcome to join.
For more information, contact J at or 214.532.3761


* Mindfullness Meditation

Monday Evenings
Children's Garden
This group has met here for 20 years  - offering an open meditation for all who are interested!
For more information, contact Kevin.


Tai' Chi Gung  

9:30-10:30 am
Tai' Chi Gung is the art and science of raising the Chi (Life Force) moving in, through, and around the body.  Doing Tai' Chi Gung brings a profound appreciation for Nature.  One learns to move and breathe in harmony with Nature to build balance, vitality, and longevity in the whole person:
Spirit, Mind, and Body.
Along the way, students sort out past habits of thought, breath, movement and nutrition that may have hindered their expression of abundant health thus allowing alignment with the vibrational frequency of their true light body.  Change how the Chi flows through your field and you will change your health forever!
Facilitated by Rev. Dr. Phyllis Hoover, LUT
Fee $10 per class ~ Scholarships available


New Member Class

Next  session: Spring, 2018

This class is required for those seeking membership.

 It also provides valuableinformation about Unity principles and practices and Unity Spiritual Center Denver for those who want to learn more about us.

The first section is Unity Quick Start, which

covers the history of Unity and the New Thought movement as well as basic Unity principles and spiritual practices.

The second section is Unity Spiritual Center Denver and You, which covers the history of the church and introduces the many ways of becoming involved as an active member.

The third section is Connecting to Unity Spiritual Center Denver, which explores the culture of Unity Spiritual Center Denver and how we choose to be together in community.

Lunch will be provided.

 Please email the office with any questions.


* = Not a Unity Sponsored event