Sacred Service

Holiday Giving Drive 

Through November 30
With YOUR help & donations of *NEW gifts, & holiday food items, families spanning three Native communities (Hopi, Navajo, & Pine Ridge) will feel the love of the holiday season.
Pick up the gift & food lists in the gathering space or download the list HERE
Please return your purchased items to USCD by November 30.
Monetary donations are also 
welcome through the Unity Denver app, 
service, or by check payable to USCD note: Tipi Raisers.
Opportunities to help wrap gifts and to be a “sleigh” delivering gifts & food to the 3 Native communities also available.  Pick up a flier in the gathering space.


Holiday Gift Giving & Open House Supporting Alma

Wrapping Party
December 18th after the service at USCD
Open House
December 20th @ Alma 
There are several ways that you can participate!
Buy a small gift for a child and/or parent & return it to USCD by December 11.
OR donate money for a gift to be purchased.  Gifts are small items that will be opened during the holiday open house.
Join us for a gift wrapping party
Sunday, December 18, here at USCD.
Join the fun & festivities at the holiday open house and gift giving on December 20,at the Alma Maternal Mental Health location in the Denver Westwood community.
Pick up the gift list in the gathering space or download it HERE.
Monetary donations through the Unity Denver app, service, or by check payable to USCD note: Alma Holiday
For more info, contact