Because we are observing the social distancing requirements of indoor gatherings as prescribed by the State of Colorado, the number of seats in the sanctuary is limited to 50. You will need to make a reservation to attend services.
Reservations will be handled online through This system allows you to select seats, then automatically blocks seats near you to create safe social distance between you and/or your family group and others.
In addition to the sanctuary, we will be accepting a total of 18 reservations in the Fellowship Room, where livestreaming is available, and 20 in the Children’s Garden.
This will take you to a web page that lists upcoming services. Click on the service for which you would like to make a reservation. You will be asked to fill in your name, email, phone number, and the number of seats you need to reserve. This number needs to be inclusive of seats in all areas – Sanctuary, Fellowship and Children’s Garden. Once completed, you will be directed to the ‘map.’
The Maps
ChurchReserve calls their seating diagrams ‘maps.’  The Sanctuary, Fellowship tables and Children’s Garden are displayed in the map below. The three large blocks of seats represent the Sanctuary, round tables are the Fellowship Room, and the last block of seats is the Children’s Garden. The Sanctuary and Fellowship Room will have social distancing enabled, the Children’s Garden will not.  
Please note that the platform in the sanctuary is at the top of the map. 
The Sanctuary
The platform in the sanctuary is at the top of the map.
The Sanctuary is divided into the three sections – Left, Center and Right. The rows are alphabetized starting with A at the front of the platform, each row is marked and each seat is numbered. 
Select the seats needed for you and/or your family group in all areas – Sanctuary, Fellowship Room, and Children’s Garden. Available seats are shown in blue. Once selected, they change to orange. Once you have selected all of your seats on the maps in the various rooms, click the ‘Complete’ button on the far left of the screen. You have completed your reservation. You will receive a confirmation email showing your selected seats.  
If the Sanctuary is full, you will see a message stating that there are no seats available.  Please check out the Fellowship Room for seats if the Sanctuary is full.
We will also have a waitlist, in the event that someone cancels, the system will move you up into the sanctuary and notify you via email. Each service has a corresponding wait list. If the service you are hoping to attend is full, please sign-up under that service's waitlist on ChurchReserve. You will receive an email confirmation with a seat assignment if a seat becomes available.
Fellowship Room 
The round tables on the map represent availability in the Fellowship Room. Make your seat selections just as you would for the Sanctuary. There will be no more than 3-4 people at each table. This will be a nice relaxing atmosphere with live streaming and is perfect for families that want to sit together. 
Children’s Garden
The system will take reservations with no social distancing for the Garden. While the reservation system doesn’t account for social distancing, we will be practicing social distancing in the Children’s Garden. Although shown as seat, they are not, but represent available spaces. Once you make a reservation in the Children’s Garden, please email Natalie and let us know the names and ages of the children. Since it has been a year since we last gathered, we do need new registration forms to be completed for the remainder of 2021. Additionally, we ask that you review the updated Children’s Garden Wellness Policy prior to your child’s return. You can find all documents HERE or in your weekly Children’s Garden e-mail. If you have any questions about what fun is planned in the Children’s Garden, please contact Natalie at  
You can select your seats for each Sunday in April and will receive an email confirmation with your seat assignment indicated. Please keep that on your phone or retain your seat numbers to facilitate a quick check-in process upon arrival.
Once your reservation is complete, you will not be able to make changes or cancel online. You will need to call the office or email Trish Morris at
What happens when I get to Unity Spiritual Center?  
Your group will proceed to the check-in table at the east double doors where you will be checked in against the reservation list. If you forgot to bring them with you, we will look up your section/row/table/seat numbers.
Here, we will check your temperature and ask wellness check questions.
Next stop, the welcome desk where a volunteer will pair each group with an usher who will get them to their seats. 
After the service, we ask that you remain seated until directed by an usher. When so directed, your group will exit through the Gathering Space and out the South door. Please maintain six-feet social distance from other groups as you exit.
If you must use the restrooms, please note that only one person will be allowed in the men’s room and only two at a time in the women’s room. Enter and exit the women’s room through the nursery to minimize contact in the hallway. A volunteer will be at the door of each restroom to assure compliance. 
The Center has purchased a backpack sprayer and recommended botanical disinfectant and plans to disinfect the building after each service. 
Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the building. 
Offering bags will not be passed out as usual. Offering baskets will be placed by each of the two entries to the sanctuary where you can deposit your offering upon entering or exiting. If possible, we prefer that you make your donations electronically. 
To minimize touching, no paper bulletin, prayer request forms or information packets will be available. Many of these items can be found on our App. To download that on your smartphone, simply text the phrase 'unitydenver app' to 77977.