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Sing from Your Heart

Friday, May 17th
7:00 pm

Join us for "An Evening of Music as Ministry" directed by Kath Robinson.  The Singing as a Spiritual Practice Community Choir and others will share the songs they have been working on in a supportive and celebratory atmosphere.  You will be invited to sing along and join in co-creating the magic! Suggested $10 love offering for USCD


Igniting the Fire of the Heart

Friday, May 24th
7:00 - 9:30 p.m.

An Evening of Participatory Devotional Chanting from Around the World.
Dear friends, you are warmly invited to participate in an evening of musical richness, deep silence, contemplation, and sacred ecstasy. Your back-up band--led by Gayan, Marcy, Ken, Kath, and Eddy, is waiting! We’ll be chanting and entering into the heart of mystical lineages and wisdom streams from East and West, imbibing their wisdom and coming into deep being and presence together. There are as many reasons to chant as there are infinite expressions of life and humanity. Come find yours, and whatever is ignited in you, please allow it to pour forth as a blessing for our gathering and the world. As we let the music have its way with us, a field emerges where we dance as we are being danced; where we sing as we are being sung; and we pray as we are being prayed by the Beloved Source and movement of all. Through our intention and gentle surrender, chant has the power to bring us into a ravishingly intimate experience of the present as it moves and flows through our bodies. 
Come energize, rejuvenate, connect, and experience oneness in community.
Offered on a Love Donation basis. All welcome--kids too! Your presence is the greatest gift. Suggested $15 minimum for those who are able.

Family Drum Circle

Sunday, June 2nd
1:00 p.m.
Drumming is a universal expression that transcends all boundaries. Whatever your age, occupation or cultural background everyone communicates through the language of rhythm.
Whether you are two or ninety two, the magic of drumming will leave you with a natural high and a lasting memory of good fun and group unity.
Join us and together we will discover our inner rhythm!
Feel the heartbeat of your soul as rhythm as we come together as one!
We have extra drums!


An Evening with Lee Harris

Saturday, June 8th
7:00 - 10:00 p.m.

Experience a magical evening of intuitive guidance and channeling from acclaimed transformational leader Lee Harris. Join us to receive practical teaching for navigating daily life with clarity, empowerment and optimism. Lee reads and speaks to the energy of the room when he delivers his messages and channeling, so that you get to experience an evening that feels both intimate and universal, personal and collective. Lee's live events are known for their enlightenment, humor and powerful takeaways.
At this event you will:
* Experience a live Energy Update-style teaching from Lee
* Have an opportunity to ask questions to Lee
* Experience live channeling
* Connect with a like-minded community
* Get the opportunity to have your copy of Lee's book signed by him at the end of the night
We will be celebrating the release of Lee's new book, Energy Speaks. He's happy to sign your pre-ordered copy or a copy that you purchase at the event.
This event will also be livestreamed online. A full video recording will be provided to all who register for either the live or livestreamed event.


Create Your Vision: Vision Board Workshop

Saturday, June 15th
9:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
What is a vision board?
A vision board is a system of collaging pictures, images and words from various types of media (magazines, books, photos and cards) that allows you to discover and manifest your inner desires, passions and goals.
Do you have trouble setting goals and living your dreams?
A vision board is a physical picture of your desired reality. Constructing a vision board allows you to envision your goals and create an object that symbolizes your future life.  What you'll take home is a poster-board that is a visual representation or blueprint of the life of your dreams.
Cost: $89.00/person, includes coaching consult (Consult for new clients only) 
Also includes printed workbook/journal! Bring a friend and receive 50% off your registration.
Presented By
Deb Roffe, Certified Life Coach, RN, BSN, CPCC
Author of Reach Your Summit and Beyond
For More Information 
Call – Deb Roffe  303-550-5923 or Email – debroffe@comcast.net

Crystal Singing Bowl Concert with Jeff Klein

Friday, June 21, 2019
$20 in advance, $25 at the door