Igniting the Fire of the Heart

An Evening of Participatory Devotional Chanting from Around the World.
Dear friends, you are warmly invited to participate in an evening of musical ecstasy. Your back-up band--lead by Gayan, Marcy, Ken, Kath, and Eddy, is waiting! We’ll be singing songs from mystical lineages East and West to become the beneficial and harmonious, powerful presence that our world needs. There are as many reasons to chant as there are infinite expressions of life and humanity. Come find yours, and whatever is ignited in you, please bring it forth as a blessing for our gathering and the world. As we let the music have its way with us, a field emerges where we dance as we are being danced; where we sing as we are being sung; and we pray as we are being prayed by the Source of all. Through our intention and gentle surrender, chanting has the power to bring us into a ravishingly intimate experience of the present as it moves and flows through our bodies. 

Come energize, rejuvenate, connect, and experience oneness in community.

Offered on a Love Donation basis, suggested $15 minimum


November 9th, 2018 7:00 PM
3021 S University Blvd.
Denver, CO 80210
United States