Healing Circle

We will explore the spiritual healing dynamics shared by Myrtle Fillmore, Unity co-founder in 1889.  Her personal spiritual journey  ed to her cure of a devastating disease.  
We’ll hear a recording of her granddaughter to further deepen our knowledge of the foundational Truth Principles of Unity.  We’ll learn about speaking to our bodies, how to go about asking forgiveness, and better ways to live in our world to enhance our personal spiritual practices.  Then, in the experiential, we will engage in Group Toning to increase and further empower our energy fields,  or God Frequency.

If time permits, we will engage with increasing  the energy of the collective consciousness, as well.
Questions?  Contact Jan, gdfrst@q.com.  You are Welcome Here!  



May 8th, 2019 7:00 PM   through   0th, 0 12:00 AM