Healing Circle

The Unity lineage is intriguing, beginning with Christian Science, founded by Mary Baker Eddy, who taught Emma Curtis Hopkins.  Then, E. B. Weeks, one of Hopkins students, introduced New Thought ideas to Unity founders Charles & Myrtle Fillmore.  The time was around 1889. Now in 2019,
Rev. David Howard, USCD, offers insight into universal Truth Principles.  

We’ll examine the idea of seeing past the funk of "cold and flu season” to deepen our embrace of accepting ourselves as our True Nature, being God's perfect creation from Christian Science, and how Myrtle Fillmore used the ideas of God's perfect life in healing her life threatening dis-ease. 

Plan to engage in a one-on-one healing session with a partner.  Bring to our Healing Circle names of those you wish to engage in Absentee (Surrogate) Healing Attention throughout the evening – by our Declaration, it is so.  Studies of this practice have shown that the healing effects appear in those who pray for others as well as those who receive the prayers. 

Write Jan Reynolds, gdfrst@Q.com with your questions and comments.

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March 20th, 2019 7:00 PM